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Comox Valley Restaurant Reviews - Tita's 

Caveat: This review is simply a personal opinion of the author's. No pretense at objectivity or expertise is made. All subjective impressions are based on my own dining experience and that of my family, sometimes from a single occasion. I'm a fair-minded guy and I'm not stuffy or particularly hard to please, so while some little imperfections may weigh into the ratings, I might not even notice others that would be cause for complaint by a fussier sort of person.

Tita's Mexican Restaurant

536-6th Street, Courtenay, BC. 
Phone:(250) 334-8033

Mexican ( not Tex-Mex )
Warm, informal, Mexican.
usually good - sometimes understaffed
moderately high
Even when it's not extremely busy, you have to wait quite a while for the food. I suspect that the method of preparation and the care with which it is done make this unavoidable. When they are understaffed, which happens too often to be merely the result of  misfortune, the wait can be exacerbated to the point of significantly detracting from the dining experience. 

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